Hernández & Ugarelli is collaborating with Andersen Global in Peru

Welcome to HU

The knowledge and experience of our team have been key to our legal and consulting practice to complement your company. Our practice is characterized by facilitating:
1. The satisfaction of pure and simple business needs.
2. The satisfaction of the client's needs as regards a better service in terms of price, quality or time.
3. The satisfaction of the State's needs, that is, compliance with the law.

Companies, from the beginning to their maturity, require at least, at each closing, an assessment to ask themselves:
Could it have been done better, with more quality, faster, in a more profitable manner, generating less commercial risk or less legal exposure? Are we sure that we have performed all our obligations or if there is something we need to correct? Are we sure that our revenues and expenses are legally supported and duly substantiated?

We can assist you in this process and achieve an upgrade each time, in terms of correction, improvement and prevention.

We invite you to get to know us.